Author: JC Cadena

The Robey Theatre Company Receives Otto Award

The 19th annual Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre were on Sunday, May 21st and what a celebration it was! The 2017 awardees — playwright Catherine Filloux, The Robey Theatre Company, and artist/organizer Favianna Rodriguez — were incredibly diverse in their art and so united in their commitment to using creativity and their talents to make a better world.   The past Ottos who nominated this year’s awardees reflect the breadth of the 19-year history of the Otto Awards — Woodie King, Jr. was in the inaugural group of artists in 1998 and he nominated the Robey Theatre...

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2017 Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre To Be Held May 21 at the Castillo Theatre (NYC)

  *** (New York, N.Y.) – March 10, 2017– The nineteenth annual Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre will be held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm at the Castillo Theatre, 543 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. This year’s awardees have each made significant contributions and innovations to experimental, community-based and politically engaged theatre. Catherine Filloux, an award-winning playwright whose work addresses human rights and social justice. She is a co-founder of Theatre Without Borders and has served as a speaker for playwriting and human rights organizations around the world; The Robey Theatre Company was...

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Back Into the Moment by Achieving a Calm Mind

Introduction by JC Cadena Part of the process of an Actor starts way before you step on the stage. I am not talking about script analysis. I’m talking about the mind. I am talking about being in the moment and not letting your mind run your performance with insecurity. Achieving a calm mind is not only helpful to the overall performance but also in dealing with life’s surprises.  Having suffered with a debilitating case of stage freight I am always interested in how to maintain my calm mind.  Here is a great article I found helpful by Jeff Gero,...

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Passion to Pursue Even Greater Possibilities

  by Ty Jefferson I was referred to The Robey Theater Company’s Advance Scene Workshop by a close actor friend who had taken Mr. Ben Guillory’s class and had nothing but positive things to say. This made me inquisitive. I decided to take a chance, invest in myself and embark on this new journey.  I’m so glad I did and I say this with a warm smile. When I first interviewed with Mr. Guillory, I quickly knew he was the real deal. Robey’s Advance Scene Workshop is an unbiased and unwavering class where you will learn techniques that will help...

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Spring Production of Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington by Clare Coss

The Robey Theatre Company presents Clare Coss’ elegantly written play “Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington”.  The play takes up  the relationship between W.E.B Du Bois and Mary White Ovington, two co-founders of the NAACP, who find themselves unexpectedly alone together in their Manhattan office one Sunday morning in June 1915. Infuriated over the decision of white board members to curtail his autonomy, Dr. Du Bois is determined to resign from the association over racial hostilities in its leadership.  The drama hinges on Mary Ovington’s efforts to assuage his anger and save their organization in the hour before he must depart...

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