Month: May 2016


“You got the Charlie Fever, Johnny.  Tha’s what you got!  I gave it to you!” – Sweets in No Place to be Somebody.   Michael Blaze video interview – “Stop the nonsense.” “Just grow-up.” A few of the sentiments Hawthorne James hopes an audience may offer after seeing the performance of the 1970 Pulitzer Prize winning play, No Place To Be Somebody written by Charles Gordone. I recently interview Hawthorne about his impressions of No Place To Be Somebody and his role as Sweets. Question: What made you say yes to portraying the character of Sweets in No Place To Be Somebody? Hawthorne James:  Ben called and asked if I’d do it, and I like the play. Question: A variety of sensitive topics and subject matter are covered in this play, in your opinion, are these issues still relevant today? Hawthorne James:  The play is still very relevant today.  There is so much going on [in the world of the play].  And to see these people struggling like this, for no reason, [for the characters in this play] not to achieve a goal without being negative, without hurting.  It is still hurtful for a people to have to struggle this hard just to make something, and to be led down the wrong path and allowed to be led down the wrong path.  And then when you try redemption,...

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NO PLACE TO BE SOMEBODY – Featuring Sammie Wayne IV

“A dense malevolence and cynicism informs Wayne’s performance, and Hawthorne is delightfully unhinged as Sweets.” – Lovell Estell III for stage Raw   Sammie  Wayne IV is an award winning actor and lighting designer; a stage manager and director.  His talent is no stranger to the Robey Theatre Company as he has worked at the Robey both as cast and crew.  Most notably, winning two 2013 NAACP Theatre Awards for Best Supporting Actor for Anna Lucasta produced by the Robey; and Best Supporting Actor for Camp Logan, co-produced by the Robey, along with Sparkling City Entertainment and JuVee Productions. Sammie Wayne stays busy as his multi-talents has lead him to work in many aspects of the theatre, as well as film.  Currently, Mr. Wayne is directing a one woman show called Macho Like Me, written and performed by Helie Lee.  Macho Like Me will be performed this year at: The Hollywood Fringe Festival in June; The Santa Monica Playhouse in July; The Edinburgh Theatre Festival in August. Sammie has a B.S in Computer Science from DePaul University, and was a Computer Programmer-Analyst and Software Engineer for General Motors and Northrop Grumman. Sammie now happily enjoys working for more than a decade living his purpose.   I had in opportunity to interview Sammie Wayne number Four regarding his role as Johnny Williams, the bar owner in No Place To Be...

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